Dr. Csaba Osvath

Csaba Osvath was most recently awarded a Doctorate of Art and Theology degree from Wesley Theological Seminary (WTS), in Washington, D.C. Osvath also attained a Master of Theological Studies degree from WTS in 2003, sponsored by the Tibor Chikes scholarship and the Hungarian Reformed Church. Prior to his studies in the United States, Osvath completed an intensive six-year study at The University of Reformed Theology, Debrecen, Hungary, where he received his ordination and theological training - the equivalent of a Master of Divinity degree.

For ten years, he studied and implemented various forms of art into the community and touched lives through his artistic interpretation -- in Hungary, Wales, and America. He has presented and exhibited in over 46 lectures and workshops on art and theology; taught, designed, and participated in solo and group art exhibitions nationwide. Osvath served the Hungarian Reformed Church in Washington, D.C., and he continues to serve in Sarasota, Florida. He also served as artist-in-residence at Arlington United Methodist Church and has dedicated his life to the prophetic voice through the visual arts, specializing in oil painting, pen and ink, mixed media, artistic performance, and sculpting.

Osvath has been represented by galleries nationwide. He is scheduled for upcoming exhibits in Martha's Vineyard, Hungary, and Sarasota. His works appear in private collections, corporate offices, and current exhibitions. Osvath was recently asked to participate in an upcoming world exhibition in Budapest, Hungary, where his paintings will be unveiled in the Buda Castle gallery to commemorate the Anniversary of the 1956 Revolution.

Previous exhibits this past year: Los Angeles, CA Cincinnati, OH Sarasota, FL Washington, DC